Blue Marlin

The females range from 700 to 1300 lbs and with aboundance of smaller males from 200 lbs, gives anglers from all over the world an opportunity of a life time.

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When i was fishing in Mohammedia at the age of 6, I would never expect that this sport would become my pation and inspire me to travel all over the world

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Our Skipper

Over 20 years Johno his worked whith some of the most respectfull captains in the business.

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Personalizing your charter experience

Custom built for long range Blue Marlin migration through the West Atlantic Ocean.

GLADIUS 50 foot design integrates Luxury, Quality and Confort to gether for all your individual Charter Experiences.

- Blue Marlin
- White Marlin
- Heavy tackle / Ultra Light / Fly Fishing
- Yellow fin / Ambersack
- Holiday at some of West African most pictoresque and remote locations

GLADIUS fishing charters at all frime light / heavy / fly fishing destinations on the West coast of Africa including: Azores, Madeira, Canarys Islands, Cape Verde Islands and Ascension Asland.


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