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When I was fishing in Mohammedia at the age of 6, I would never have expected that this sport would become my passion and inspire me to travel all over the world with fly rod in hand, looking for bill fish and the records that come with them.

After progressing through many fishing techniques from surfcasting, trolling and the like, I reached the most difficult of all, Fly fishing, with the Technical aspects enforced by the IGFA rules and the need for a good boat and team.

In 1998 when I contacted Billy Pate he proposed to teach me the Basics of this sport, during this time he invited me to his Fly-fishing tournament in Quepos and without hesitation me and my wife Fatima were lost in Costa Rica’s jungle at 3 am in an old beat up taxi, looking for the way to Quepos. I was far from imagining that a close friendship between our two families would come out of this. Since that moment he taught me all his finest skills. At one point together we held all the Billfish species world records.

All his life, Billy chased the elusive swordfish, without success, and for me it’s the Blue marlin, which I hope to land in the near future.

The hunting of this holiest of grails, over the past 3 years I imagined and designed, thanks to the help and confidence of Buddy , Steve Saver, and many others who helped us giving birth to the GLADIUS project.

The unique open express hardtop, never launched by G@S boat Inc.

Custom built for fly fishing, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

GLADIUS, my team and I are chasing the Blue Marlin all over the Atlantic. But this time without my companion and fishing mentor Billy (May he rest in peace).