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Johno grew up in TASMANIA with two loves:football and fishing.
A chance visit to Cairns gave Johno a taste of big marlin fishing which won over playing football and within 3 months Johno and his wife had packed up and resettled in Cairns.

Over 20 years Johno worked with some of the most respectful captains in the business. Bill Billson, Peter B Wright, Laurie Woodbridge, Fred and Magrue Rice, Marlin Parker, Jeff Fay,Creg (Sparrow) Denham and Ross Finlayson. And his life time opportunity to captain the famous Frank Woodnut built (Dyfken) in Ghana West Africa, with incredible fishing he returned there for another 4 years.

Johno has devoted his life to marlin fishing and his resume of game fishing high lights are as long as your arm. He has competed and been successful in many of the big games fishing tournaments along the east coast of Australia and Hawaii.

Catching 2 black marlin over 1250lbs, one of which 1260lbs still is the biggest to be caught on a lure. As captain in Ghana first day luck saw him land a 1086lb Blue Marlin, 3 yellow and big eyes 350lbs Johno’s career has landed many fish close to and over 1000lbs.

Johno is now enjoying the latest 50foot express (GLADIUS) from the world famous G@S boats.Inc.

With the long-range capacities of this vessel, Johno will be traveling to remote and far-reaching destinations, from Azores to Ascension Island. bringing exciting fishing within reach of GLADIUS’s valued clients.